Sunday, December 27, 2009

What we've been up to...

Lots and lots of snuggling!!!

Before Owen woke up...

After... Lola lost her spot.
Also, anytime we try to take a picture of Owen, he makes this face. Hopefully he'll be over it for Aunt Emmy's wedding pics next weekend!

Lola found a new spot

Oh, and Ben's cord fell off :o) He had his first "real" bath today. The boys took the camera outside while they were snowman building, so our only picture is the after picture. We'll have to take more bath pictures soon... By the way, the cloth diapering is going really well.

Owen's first snowman!!! So exciting!! Didn't they do a great job (especially considering that the snow is just powder!!!)


Jonathan and Vicky said...

I love it Katie!! Miss you sooo much! Call when you can!-VW