Friday, August 22, 2008

Millenium Park (again!)

Yesterday we went with our neighbors, Liane and Andrew, to Millenium Park again. We had a blast!

Here is a little video of Owen dancing to the Wiggleworms! He was eating his snack and having a great time. Afterwords, we played with the jump ropes.

Owen wanted to wrap up in the jump ropes. He thought they made a very nice accessory!

Also, I finally got a cute picture of the boys together.

They were having fun looking at each other through a window in the tent.

We also had an unexpected visitor...

Owen was so excited to see him! At first, he was a little confused by the suit, though!

I was happy to see Mike, too!

This trip ended much like the first! Next week, we're going to try and find an accessible way to take the water taxi. Wish us luck with that!

Ride 'em cowboy/ recent knitting projects

The other day, I dug the big plastic box containing my yarn stash out of Owen's closet. I like to dig through it every couple of months and Owen has had a great time sitting and climbing all over it. Here are some of the bigger projects I've knit since Owen was born. You may recognize some from other pictures...

This one is size 1-2 years. It looks pretty big. I'm hoping Owen will wear it for the holidays! I took a class in May/ June and wanted to make some projects with colorwork.

I also made this hat in the class. It didn't take too long to knit, but it took forever to sew all of the strings in. I don't want to make this hat anytime soon!

Made with leftovers in March for Owen to wear next year. Everyone was teasing me for making him a new hat in March. Unfortunately, got a good 2 months use out of it before it finally warmed up enough to pack away the winter clothes. I still want to make ties and a pouf before it gets cold again!

Easter sweater 2008

Easter sweater 2007

Owen's coming home from the hospital sweater. I knit this while I was pregnant, along with a girl sweater (because we didn't know if he was a boy or girl!)

First tantrum

Monday night, Owen threw his first tantrum. He didn't want to sit in his highchair. After we put him in, he screamed for 15 min. I took him out and he was much better and wanted to eat his dinner. We tried to put him back in the highchair and he wasn't having it. Arching, kicking, and the whole bit. He still wanted to eat his dinner though. I asked him if he wanted to sit up at the table and he said yes and tried to climb up into a chair. So, here he is, eating at the table like a big boy (he's sitting on a phone book!) We talked about ditching the highchair and getting a booster seat. The next morning at breakfast, we thought he'd have another fit about going into the highchair. He didn't bat an eye! He didn't even remember. Go figure!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I need a haircut!

Look at all of that pretty blonde hair...

It is getting a little mulletish, though!

Maybe tomorrow we'll get a trim.

Millenium Park

Friday Owen and I went with our neighbors, Andrew and Liane, down to Millenium Park. We had so much fun. First, we went to a concert by the Wiggleworms. There was a woman with a guitar who sang and danced. The boys liked it, but I think the big crowd made them a little nervous!

Owen liked it, but wanted to sit on my lap.

He wasn't too into dancing. He finally got up for the bubbles, though. They had a bubble machine. It was the best!!! I wish we could get one for our living room this winter :o)

Andrew enjoyed the bubbles, too!

We then played with books, bubbles, and blocks in the same pavillion.

It was so much fun! Who knew they had all of these free activities everyday.

Then we got some lunch and ate it in the grassy concert pavilion area. The symphony and opera were practicing because they were having a concert there that night. The boys loved the music and were dancing around in the grass. It was so funny!

Next, we headed over to the fountain for some more fun!!! I didn't think to bring more clothes for Owen to change into.

He started out in his shorts, but we quickly realized they would end up soaked. We ditched the shorts and he had a great time in his very soggy diaper!

The boys had a great time! On the way back to the car, they both pooped out!

New shoes and more climbing

Owen loves shoes. Because he outgrew all of his tennis shoes and these were such a great deal, we decided to get him some little converse. Here he is checking them out...

Here is another climbing video...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend fun

I couldn't resist... at least I cropped the picture! "Mom!"

Here's Owen in his little chair at a cookout we went to. He loved the bbq chicken!

Mike and Owen being silly. Owen's saying "cheese!"

Watching the Olympics with Dad

My sweet boys brought me flowers when they woke me up Sunday afternoon! What a fun treat!

Here is a little video of Owen climbing on the couch! It isn't the world's best video, but we hadn't posted a video for awhile...

Maria Gutierrez's wedding festivities

My good friend Maria got married last weekend to Erwin, her boyfriend of 10 years. It was a beautiful day! It was such a fun party. It is always great to get to hang out with your work friends away from work! Congrats to Maria and Erwin!

What a good looking couple!

Special thanks to my cousins Leah and Paul and Leah's boyfriend Matt for babysitting Owen. You guys are the best!!!

Here are some pics from the bachelorette party. Obviously, it was very tame. It is a pretty quiet group...

If you would like to see more bachelorette party pics and I will email them to you!