Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome Benjamin James

Well the Walsh Family has just increased by 33% with the addition of Baby Brother Ben. It was quite and eventful morning with Katie and myself leaving for the hospital at 10 am and Ben arriving at 10:59 am. I will let Katie describe this in more detail later for those interested. The naming of Ben took a bit longer than the delivery but we finally settled on the name around 5 pm after Owen arrived and seemed to approve of the name (as seen below).

Mother and baby are doing well and Owen seems very happy to have a baby brother. So we are all doing well and here are some pictures and video to tide you over until Katie has some more blogging time in the future.

The videos are uploading super slow, so we'll try to add more tomorrow!


Lisa said...

congrats! he is gorgeous! and you look amazing!

Melanie said...

Congratulations! And, Owen is simply adorable! (For the record, I remember holding my first little brother, but I am not sure I was this excited about it!)