Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Update

Well, well, well... 38 and a half weeks pregnant and dilated 1.5. Needless to say we did not schedule the induction for Friday. Bummer, huh?! She did "strip my membranes." I'm not going to go into what that means, because you probably don't want to know, but she said she felt like she did a good job, so it might get something going. It hurt pretty bad, for what it's worth. It better have done something! Also, my ultrasound was fine last week. The tech told me the baby was measuring in the 20th percentile and estimated his weight to be around 6lbs. At my appointment today, my doctor told me the ultrasound actually said he was in the 30th percentile but I couldn't bring myself to ask what the weight was... oh, well. I guess it's a good thing! They couldn't get any good pictures because his head was so far down, but here are some pictures of me at 38 weeks...
Don't you love the monkey jammies?! I always use to have Mike take my picture after I'd showered and done my hair and at least was dressed. Obviously I've given up completely!


Jonathan and Vicky said...

I have the same jammies!!!!!