Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tandem Trike

The boys were outside while I was finishing up dinner this evening... I can see them from the kitchen and I had to go and get a picture! I wish I had grabbed the real camera- or the video camera! Owen was sitting on Ben's lap and riding the trike (because Ben can't pedal yet!). They both thought it was hilarious! So cute!I just wish the pictures were better!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Thursday, I ran upstairs to change my clothes, brush my teeth, and wash my face before dropping Owen off at afternoon preschool.  Literally, 7 minutes.  Tops.  I had been having what Owen calls a "Lazy Morning."  You know, washed, folded, and put away 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed and dusted all 3 levels of our townhouse, cleaned 2 bathrooms, supervised the boys fingerprinting, got them all dressed and ready for school, and made and cleaned up lunch.  Lazy, by Owen's definition, because I did all of this in my pj's.  While I was getting ready, Ben found a black
Sharpie and decided to draw a masterpiece on the linoleum.  Thanks to Mike's mad googling skills and magic eraser, it cleaned right up!  
Then, on Friday, I got a call to teach Lamaze class in the evening.  I was all ready to go, but just had to throw on my clothes  - I have learned to always wait to do this until IMMEDIATELY before I walk out the door.  Again, probably 5-6 min to throw on my clothes, fresh deodorant, and brush my teeth/ hair (FYI- I had showered on Friday morning!)  I came down to find this lovely mess.  Of course, "Look what Benny did."  was what I was greeted with as I came down the stairs.  I was so tired, but I have to say it gave me a whole new perspective on leaving the house!  Thanks to Mike for dealing with this one!  I honestly don't think I could have handled the smell.  I hope the rest of the weekend will go a little better...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Copied this idea from Pinterest...Have a SUPER Valentine's Day!!!
Don't be fooled... His heart belongs to his Mom :o)

Enjoying a Valentine Owen made just for him!
I used the new sewing machine to make the boys some pj pants for their Valentine gift.  They were a big hit!  Owen's have rescue vehicles and Ben's have dinosaurs.  I hit JoAnn's during a sale on flannel, so I bought enough material to make some cozy pjs for next winter, too (with tops next time... we'll see how that goes!)  The sewing machine was great worked great!  It was so fun to make something for such an appreciative group.  What should I make next???  Any suggestions???
I even made a pair for Mike, too!  Hope everybody had a Happy Valentine's  Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Swinging like Superman!!!


These two are flirts... Big time!!!


Sorry I haven't been on the blog for a few days... We've had company! Grammy came and we all had a great time. I'm sure she will be tired when she makes it home. These boys kept her on her toes! We had lots of fun playing and hanging around with plenty of shopping and eating thrown in! We are so happy she came. As always. The trip went too fast and we didn't take enough pictures :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mike cleaned off the top shelf, where we put toys that get taken away from the boys, mostly due to use as a weapon...Here is what was up there...