Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And we're off...

Tomorrow we are leaving on our Graduation'08 Road Trip. Owen and I are driving to St. Louis tomorrow morning. We are very excited to stay with Auntie Em. My parents are coming up Thursday morning for Uncle Alex's graduation festivities. We are so proud of him! He is graduating with his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from St. Louis University. He has lots of fun dinners and parties scheduled. Mike is taking the train down and will meet us Friday afternoon. Saturday evening, we will all head to Kansas City. Uncle Sam is graduating from Rockhurst High School on Sunday. We are also very proud of him! Then, Mike will fly back to Chicago on Sunday night. Owen and I will road trip it back to Chicago on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm sure the trip will be full be lots of fun and excitement! Wish us luck!

14 months old!

I can't believe it, but another month has flown by! The weather was beautiful today and we had a great time at the park. Owen felt the sand between his toes for the first time and loved it!

Here he is in action...

Walkin' the dog

Yes, this is Owen's new favorite game. Thank goodness (for Lola's sake) our retractable leash is pretty long! She is a very patient dog :o) He would seriously hold on to her leash for hours and just walk around the condo. After Owen wakes up and has a little milk, he goes straight to the kitchen table, grabs the leash, and attempts to put it on poor Lola. This morning, he even needed to get a Jewel bag to tie on the leash handle, just in case. It's just too bad he can't make it up and down the three flights of stairs and reach the doorknob. I'd never have to walk Lola again! :o)

Having fun!

Oh, the fun you can have in a box!!!

A future knitter? Maybe just Mommy's helper...

Happy Haircut!


This looks fun...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Playing Outside

Yesterday we played outside in the courtyard. I spread out a blanket and blew some bubbles for Owen. He liked the bubbles but preferred to play in the grass (his first grass stains!) He had a lot of fun checking out the shrubs, bugs, dirt and sticks. Such a boy!

Busy Boy

Here is another video of the busy boy...