Sunday, January 27, 2013


We are still alive and getting settled! Owen loves his new school and didn't even really seem to have any adjustment period! He is doing "Little Dribblers" basketball through the park district, too. Ben is going to Parent's Day Out one day a week and is doing great. He comes home each week with lots of stories and the teachers always say how funny he is! He goes to a little park district "sports class" one morning each week, too.
Lucy is a busy girl as well! She is a Fast crawler and starting to pull up on low things, too! Watch out! She's gonna get you! I started a job one day a week as a lactation consultant at a hospital. I had to go to 6 full days of corporate/hospital/nursing orientation and almost quit several times ;). It is going a lot better now that I only really have to go 4 x's a month (and, someone finally decided to take an occasional bottle! Thank goodness!). Mike likes his work and has gotten pretty proficient with the Metra system! Hope you all are well and I'll try to add some pics of the kids' activities soon!