Monday, January 28, 2008

A little surprise...

Today Owen left me a little surprise in the tub. I had a feeling it was coming once he stood up, then squatted down and started grunting. After he did the deed, he couldn't stop laughing, the little stinker! I guess we need to buy one of those goldfish nets :o)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Catching up...

Finally, some new pictures!
Well, our blogging for '08 hasn't been too impressive. We've had many more fun firsts with Owen. Here is his first teething cracker. (Yes, it is crusted on his eyelashes. Clean up time wasn't fun for anybody!)

His first bagel...

And lots of fun and general silliness!

One night we checked on him before heading off to bed and found him with his legs crossed and hanging out of the crib...

Another afternoon, he escaped and peed on the rug during a pants change. He was very proud of his puddle! You might notice the pee spot in front of and to the left of Owen's left leg.

He is a super active 10 month old, always on the go!

And pulling up everywhere...

Did I mention he's teething?! He has 7 teeth now!!! So much for our nice bookcases... I guess it will always be a memory of Owen's teething pains :o)

As Owen is doing so many fun, new things each day, I will try to be a little more up to date with the blog. He has become much more adventuresome with his standing all by himself. He seems so have found a little bit of balance over the weekend. Also, in the last week or so, he's figured out how to throw. I'll try to get Mike to get a video of Owen and Lola playing fetch!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas: Part III

After a short drive back to Omaha, we moved into Part III of our Christmas Extravaganza. In Omaha, we celebrated even more. (FYI, we amazingly got this picture in only two shots. Please note that even the dogs are looking!)

We ate too much delicious food prepared by Grandpa Jimmy and opened even more wonderful and generous gifts.

Owen had tons of fun playing with his Mimi and PiPi (that's you official Grandpa name, right Grandpa Jimmy?)

Owen also spent lots of time with his Aunties Liz and Kathryn. They had a great time singing songs and playing with Owen's Christmas gifts. I don't know how we are going to fit Lola in the car! Seriously! We had lots of fun hunting for after Christmas bargains and catching up with family and old friends. Mike did an excellent job packing up the Jeep and we were able to bring our beloved Lola back to Evanston. We left Friday around noon and made a stop to see my friend Megan's new house in Ames. It was great to see her and we hope to get back to visit again in the new year! By the time we got back into the car, Owen was exhausted and slept most of the way home. All in all, the trip could not have gone more smoothly. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family. Owen had an unbelievable first Christmas. We made it home safe and sound (and when we arrived, the temperature in our condo was 51 degrees!) We hope you all had a very happy holiday, too!

It's Christmas!!! It's Christmas!!!

It's Christmas, it's Christmas!!! Owen woke up a little early on Christmas morning, so wonderful Mike took him down to check out the "haul" while I got a little extra sleep. We had such a great time with my family. Santa was very generous. Here are some highlights...

Mike got a nice leather briefcase/ messenger bag so he could "feel like more of an adult at work."

Al got Uggs slippers.

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself...

Santa has very nice taste. Can I borrow that, Mom?!

And Owen got way too many presents!!! He had so much fun!

After we opened presents with the Schieber family, we packed up to head to Iowa. Owen pretty much crashed in the car after all of the morning's excitement. We made it safe and sound for Christmas: Part II

Owen was so excited that he had more presents to open, he decided to lose the pants...

No one really seemed to mind (thank goodness!)

I guess they are all use to our silliness by now! After opening presents and enjoying some delicious food, we spent a relaxing night at Pa and Nana's. It was so great to see everyone and to just relax! Owen had a great time playing with everyone. I'm sure he is going to be so bored with just his Mom to entertain him, once we get home. At least we have new toys!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent with the Schieber family. We had a delicious Jambalaya dinner prepared by my dad, accompanied by Mike's famous 7 layer Jello. After dinner, we opened a few presents and went to Midnight Mass (at 9:30.)

We received some very nice gifts.

I I think Owen liked the bows best!!!

Mass was very nice and Owen did surprisingly well. He needed a diaper change and got changed into his jammies about halfway through. After that, he pretty much passed out! We think he was on extra good behavior because he knew Santa was coming! I forgot to tell you that Owen started waving and clapping about a week or so before Christmas. We were so excited about his new "tricks." The only problem is that he is so proud of himself, he likes to show off his new skills whenever anyone tries to take his picture. We have so many Christmas pictures of Owen waving!