Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yep, that's right!!!

Owen is indeed going to be a big brother!!! Baby "sister" as he calls the baby (though we have no idea whether it is a boy or girl) is expected to arrive around Christmas! Quite the holiday season for the Schieber's, as my sister, Em is getting married January 2nd!

Happy Mother's Day, Daddy!

Though we were not all together this Father's Day (more on this in our next post,) I took a few pictures of the boys the weekend before to enclose in the Father's Day cards for our Dads and Grandpas. I even started working with Owen on saying Happy Father's Day in advance, but "Happy Mother's Day, Daddy" was the best we could get!

I also included some pics of Owen one morning after he woke up. He must be a morning person because he wakes up so refreshed, energized, and in such a good mood every morning (not always the case after his nap...) I guess maybe we all would if we slept 12+ hrs every night...

I know I'm kind of partial, but I think these are two of the best looking boys I know!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, I wish we had a yard!

Well, we arrived home late Sunday night and here I am finally uploading the pictures on Friday... Oh, well. I had all suitcases unpacked and the laundry done by Monday afternoon, at least. We had lots of fun at Grammy and Grandpa's last week. The trip just went too fast. Unfortunately Owen and I also took Grammy a pretty miserable cold. I felt pretty miserable from Tuesday to Thursday and Owen had a horrible runny nose the whole trip, but seemed to feel just fine.

We still managed to have a great time playing in the pool, sandbox, and just running around the yard and spending lots of time playing with Uncle Sam, Uncle Alex, Grammy and Grandpa. See a swimming video at the end of this post...

Mike's Mom and Grandparents brought him to Kansas City on Friday and he, unfortunately, also had the horrible cold. It was so nice to see everyone!

We also happened to run into Clifford at good 'ol Oak Park Mall. Owen was so excited! We saw him from a distance, and we had to chase him down. Owen liked Clifford best from about 3 feet away! He wanted to pet his nose and give him a kiss so badly, but he just couldn't get much closer to Clifford than this (and this was a serious stretch!)
Friday night, we took Owen to the rehearsal and dinner that followed. It might have been a mistake, but it was a pretty low key evening and everyone acted happy to see him. The wedding was in a park, so Owen and I explored during the rehearsal. It was so great to see all of our friends!The Groom's side of the "Fan Club"

It was a beautiful, warm day for an outdoor wedding.

Cutting the cake. Sarah, the bride, and her mom made 12 cakes (and they were delicious!)

The Creighton Crew...

Owen and his buddy Ignatius at the brunch on Sunday morning. The had a blast!

Sunday afternoon, Owen escaped the pack 'n play 4 times, so he ended up just napping with Dad. He was pretty pooped from all of the excitement. Did I mention Auntie Em and Jim were in town to work on some rehearsal dinner details, as well!!! So much excitement!

This was the highlight of Owen's trip (probably of his life!) On the way home, the pilot overheard me telling Owen he had to be a good boy on the flight so he didn't disturb the pilot. The pilot told Owen he did not have to behave or even listen to his mom at all. He took Owen up to the cockpit and let him "fly" the plane! He was in heaven! I just hope he doesn't demand to fly the plane next week when we head back to Kansas City!