Monday, October 29, 2007

As promised...

Here are a couple of pictures from the baby shower. We didn't get any at the party. I guess we were just too busy taking everything in. This was one birthday/ Halloween party that would have made Martha herself jealous! Beautiful decorations, a huge fancy cake, treat bags, popcorn balls, fancy food, booze, and kids treats, too. We were handed a jack 'o lantern bib for Owen when we walked in the door! It was a really classy affair! I hope this party didn't set Owen's expectations too high for his first birthday party. We were just thinking cake and grandparents!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see :o)

The "Breakfast Club" Maria, April and Donovan, Katie and Izzy, Julie and baby girl (to be) and Katie and Owen.

6 of the Labor and Deliveries born this year: Evan (2 months), Matteo (3 months), Hannah (5 1/2 months), Owen (7 1/2 months), Izzy (2 months), and Donovan (5 months).

*Special thanks to Julie Sipe. I stole these pictures off of her blog. Hope you don't mind :o) *

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Pics!

Just wanted to let you know we had some new pics taken of Owen and Lola. You can view them online at Choose "Order Reprints" from the Northbrook, IL location. Search for Katie Walsh. The password is "Owen."
It was quite a feat to get them both to the mall and looking their best. I was lucky to have my Mom here to help out! I attended a nursing conference on Thursday and Friday, so Owen got to spend two days with Grammy. They had lots of fun going on walks to the park and grocery store, playing, and singing. Mom and Owen cooked dinner, cleaned, and did laundry both days, too! Talk about making me look bad...I hope Mike doesn't start expecting fancy dinners like that every night :o) They had so much fun! I just wish I wouldn't have had to go to the conference, so I could have spent more time with Mom!

Later today, Owen is going to his first birthday party. It is for our neighbor Asher, who is turning 1. It is a costume party, so Owen is looking forward to getting a little more use out of his monkey suit! It should be lots of fun! Tomorrow we are going to a baby shower. There will be a few other babies there, so I'm sure they'll all have lots of fun! I'll put up some pics tomorrow night!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Owen's New Trick

Hello Family and Friends,

This is Mike's first official addition to the blog. I plan on continually contributions to the technological and artistic directions of the blog so enjoy this first clip of Owen's exciting new trick. In other news Owen also now is make big boy #2's, so really life's changing a lot for us and him right now. Enjoy the video and take care.


Monday, October 15, 2007

7 months old!!!

Can you believe it? We can't! Owen was 7 months old on Saturday! I ended up with a weekend off of work, so we celebrated by going out on a date, watching Northwestern beat Minnesota, hosting some company, and apple picking. It was so nice to be home and awake this weekend! Poor Mike didn't get to much relaxing done, but a fun time was had by all. Owen was well behaved at the football game, but in a bit of a crabby mood! Even Willie the Wildcat couldn't make him smile. He also got a little nervous about all of the yelling and cheering. Lesson learned. Maybe we'll try again next year. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera. Saturday night, our friends from Creighton, Nick and Sarah, came to visit. On Sunday we took them to Apple Holler. The weather was a little less than perfect, but we picked a half peck of Rome Beauty apples. Owen stayed warm and dry bundled up in the baby bjorn and zipped up in Mike's jacket.
So far, we made apple pancakes and apple cake. Tomorrow, we are going to try to make applesauce and baby applesauce.

Today, Owen managed to escape while I was changing his diaper. He was pretty proud of himself and since the camera was close, I couldn't resist!!!