Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In Sunday after mass and kindergarden open house (can you believe that?!?). These two came downstairs in matching outfits. Navy sweatpants, St. Rose t-ball shirts, and Red Socks hats. This was the best pose I could get out of them...


Don't tell Owen! Ben and I got to go for a little coffee date yesterday afternoon. This could be a dangerous habit for me... I meant to order decaf but I'm pretty sure I forgot. I was incredibly productive yesterday evening!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, My!

How on earth am I supposed to get anything done today, with these two snuggle bugs around?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


No, not like our friends and Chicago got, but we did wake up to a couple of inches on Saturday morning. The boys were SO excited! They played outside for over an hour, playing at the playground, helping Mike shovel the sidewalk and clean off the cars, and then playing with the diggers and dump truck on the back patio. Today I did 4 tours at labor and delivery, so Mike had them outside for a little mor snow fun. The snow was really icy, not ideal snowman making weather, but they tried. I hope we get a little bit more before winter is over! We haven't even broken out our sled yet!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Haircuts, Hamburgers, and Hotdogs with my Handsome Hunks...

Am I a lucky lady, or what?! Haircuts followed by 5 Guys!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resting on the Job

This sweet police officer took a few minutes out of his busy morning to lay down on the couch and snuggle up by his mama! He is getting so big and doesn't want to snuggle as much as he used to... Definitely the highlight of my day!


Sorry to keep you in suspense...
We went to the Port Discovery Children's Museum on Monday. It is in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor. We all had a lot of fun! It is one of the coolest children's museums we have visited. Also one of the most expensive at $13.95 per person over age two. Oh,, well. These guys are worth it! I think we have gotten spoiled by all of free museums in the area :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Chocolate

My wonderful husband took the boys out to play football for a glorious 30 min yesterday so I could work on my sewing project! It was pretty chilly (relatively cold for what we are used to- windy with a wind chill in the 20's.). So I made them some hot chocolate . I think they liked it! They warmed up quickly but still had rosy cheeks at bedtime!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What I'm Working On...

I'm thinking about adding a regular post to the blog about projects I'm working on. Maybe weekly, maybe monthly... We'll see how much progress I have to show, I guess!
Here's what I've been knitting on this week...
Somehow, I got myself into two knit-a-longs this month! And, they are both mystery projects, so I don't even know exactly what I've been knitting so much on!
The first is a mystery sock. Each Sunday, a new "knitting clue" (part of the pattern) comes out. So far, I am really happy with the results, though it is by far the most intense sock I have ever knit! And, it has bobbles, which I've never knit before. It's always good to try something new, right?! Here I a picture of what the sock looks like after 2 clues- 3 more to go!The pattern is by Kirsten Kapur of the blog Through the Loops. I'm knitting with Madelinetosh Sock yarn in the Kale color way. I picked this yarn up at fibre space in Alexandria, VA, when Mike, Ben, and I came house hunting about a year and a half ago! It is always good to do projects that use yarn you already have!

The second thing i've been working on is another knit-a-long (or KAL) with the Knit Purl Hunter. My friend Vicky is participating and suggested I join in, too. We are knitting fingerless mitts, and since I have never knit any for myself, it seemed like a good idea! And, the pattern was free and, imagine this, I already had yarn that would work! I am using some Cascade 220 in a rosey, mauveish color. I think Em actually gave me this yarn when she moved. They are knitting up very quickly. I have almost finished the second clue on the first mit. And, I'm knitting these 2 at a time, so when the next clue comes out, I'll be ready to finish up! I'm sure it will be warm again by then!
My third project is that Rocky Coast cardigan, by Hannah Fetig. I am knitting it in the Arctic Tundra color way of Organik by the Fibre Company. It is truly luxurious to knit with! This yarn was my Christmas present to myself! I'm pretty generous! The sweater was knitting up very quickly before I started these other 2 projects! I just have to knit the sleeves and collar and then it will be ready to wear (and maybe never take off!).

Last, but not least, I have been practicing my sewing skills on the new machine!  So much fun!  I have been making baby wipes out of some old receiving blankets.  A very exciting project, I know!  But, we seem to have a ton of those small receiving blankets and it gives me some practice.  I have made a variety of wipes.  Some are single layer with a zig zag edge and some are double layer, turned and top-stitched (if that makes sense.)  I can tell I am getting a little more straight and even with my stitches.
Any ideas for what I should make next???  I'm open to suggestions for easy beginner projects!

I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Weather

Since Saturday, it has alternately been in the 30's and the high 50's every other day. I am serious!!! Yesterday the high was 58 and this morning there is a little bit of frost on the car!?! I suppose we should just be happy and thankful for the nice weather that allowed us to go to the "adventure" park on Sunday, play at Owen's school playground (without coats!!!) on Tuesday, and get out on the back porch yesterday. Now, we have a 2 day weekend for MLK day and it is supposed to be a chilly weekend! We need to think of a fun indoor activity to do as a family on Monday. Any ideas? What DC would you like to see or hear
About on the blog? I'd appreciate any suggestions in the comments! Hope you have a great long weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like my shoes???

Ben loves them! And thinks it is hilarious to wear them around the house. Please pray he doesn't break a leg! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For Comparison's Sake...

Ben went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 year old check-up.  
Here are his Vital Statistics:  
Height:  34.75 inches (55th percentile)
Weight:  27 lbs (40th percentile- up from the 19th percentile at his 18 month check-up!!!)

and, just for comparison's sake...
At Owen's 2 year old check-up:
Height:  36.5 inches (95th percentile)
Weight:  31.2 lbs (83rd percentile)

I had always thought Ben was a little smaller than Owen.  I didn't realize he is actually quite a bit smaller!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Police

You'd best not be causing ant trouble... These 2 might show up at your door!

Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Knitting Year in Review

I did a bit of knitting in 2011...  I always wish it was more :o)
Let's see what it adds up to...
12 hats

4 cowls/ scarfs

2 shawlettes (small shawls)

3 pairs of socks

6 sweaters (1 for Ben, 2 for Owen,  1 for baby George, a vest for Mike, and a short sleeve and long sleeve sweater for me!)

One Robot and 3 little stuffed Easter buddies

Not too shabby!
If you would like any info or details on these projects, check out my Ravelry page.  Ravelry.com is an awesome website and resource for knitters and crocheters.  My user name is rnmama.  Hopefully I'll knit even more in 2012!!!
I have a little bit of a yarn buying problem.  One of my goals for the year is to knit up some of this yarn I have amassed!  I'm hoping to knit myself some sweaters and of course do a little bit of knitting for baby #3!