Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know I went to the doctor yesterday and baby is still measuring a little small. I'm going for an ultrasound tomorrow morning to check things out. Hopefully all will be fine and I'll go into labor soonish (not too soon!) Otherwise, the tentative plan is an induction next Friday. I wouldn't normally be the crazy prego asking for a 39 week induction, but we must be in Kansas City by New Year's for my sister's wedding, so there you go! I'll keep you posted. Also, Owen blocking my belly in my most recent post was not on purpose (I promise!) I'll try to get Mike to take my picture tonight and maybe I'll have a good ultrasound picture to post tomorrow!


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

Whoops... sorry about that!

I hope both of your little guys are doing okay! (And, Mike passed along the list of names I sent, right?)

Take care,

The Trans said...

Hey Katie,
I hope everything has turned out okay! I think Laura Ritter had this same issue with Jack! I'm looking forward to seeing new belly pics... I'll post my once you post yours :P