Thursday, January 27, 2011


Owen was uncharacteristically quiet this afternoon during quiet time. I thought I'd better go upstairs and check on him. To my surprise, he was no where to be found! But, his closet door was closed. I quietly opened it and look what I found... Please note his is wearing a backpack and sleeping on his school bag. I hope he wasn't pretending to run away! I'm thinking he was on an adventure for sure!

We had a snow day today- both Owen and Mike were off!!! We have had a few little dustings, but this was by far our first big snow!!! We played outside and had lots of fun building a snow boy and making snow angels. Maybe I can twist Mike's arm to upload our pictures this evening! He is busy with a few projects of his own, though...

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Blueberry Pancake Day!!!

Ben started with a blueberry goatee...

and ended up with a full blueberry beard :o)

Owen has no food on (this side) of his face :o) :o) :o) He is getting to be so grown up!

Maybe not!

What is it with little boys and underpants???

Every time Ben is around while I fold whites, he says "hat" and tries to put the underwear on his head!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Mike was off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day, so we decided to take the train into Washington to see some "airplanes and astronauts."

There was lots of Metro construction so it took us about an hour and 15 min to get down to Metro Center. Let me assure you, Ben was not looking this happy by the end ;o)

Owen, on the other hand loves the train ride best of all so he didn't mind a bit. Notice his new hat... we lost his dino hat at the Creighton Game in Omaha, so I had to knit something new. This hat is much less fun, but it does the trick! I must admit, knitting cables is much more fun for me than knitting all of those dinosaur spikes!

By the time we got downtown, it was almost lunch time so we stopped at the Capitol City Brewing Company. Yummy!

Finally at the museum... notice it wasn't crowded at all!!!

Pilot O

Patient Ben, with the rockets

Ben, getting less patient! He wanted to check out the telescope, too.

Owen and Mike getting ready to board the "rocketship"

Tired man! He's getting a little tall for the stroller! Don't worry... we hooked him in this time :o)
When is the next federal holiday??? President's Day is in February, right?! We need to plan another fun adventure! I'm thinking about the natural history museum or maybe we'll venture to Baltimore... Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanksgiving and everything after...

Yeah, I know... It's been awhile. We've been busy, though! There is no denying that!

We had... 2 Thanksgivings and a wonderful long weekend in PhiladelphiaWatching the Macy's Parade... Unfortunately no pics of the Schieber Family Thanksgiving in New Market, MD. We had a great time and a lot of delicious food, though!

We all had tons of fun with Aunt Katie, Uncle Carl, and Olivia. The weather was chilly but we braved it on Saturday to walk at the park. Sunday it was nicer so we spent the day at Longwood Gardens.

A visit from Grammy and Grandpa and a birthday celebration (#1)

Owen on an airport run. Love the look :o)

Of course the box was the most fun gift!!! Don't worry, Grammy, he loves the chair and he uses it all the time!

Mike turned 30!!! (birthday celebration #2)

The boys made him a birthday sign that turned out beautifully!

Enjoying some holiday and winter festivities!

A visit from Aunt Emmy

Ben turned 1!!! (birthday celebration #3)

Owen's Christmas program

Mike and Ben's birthday party celebration (#4)

Christmas Eve celebrating at home in MD (Christmas #1)

Early morning Christmas day flight to Kansas City (12/25) (Christmas #2)

We didn't have time to get the boys a haircut before we left town, so we did it in OP :o) Ben's first trim!



After! So handsome!

Before: Shaggy Boy

After: Owen's spiky do!

Schieber family bowling! Is is good or bad that I bowl better with a baby on my back?!

Trip to Omaha (12/29) (Christmas #3)

Trip to Iowa (12/30) (Christmas #4)

Could it be that this is the only picture we took? Ben in Daddy's bib?! I know we posed for lots of pictures... I'd love to post some if anyone would email them to me!

Back to Omaha (12/31)

We had so much fun cheering on the Bluejays at the Creighton basketball game!!! Mike and I also enjoyed a New Year's Eve party with our college friends while Mimi and Grandpa Jimmy babysat. Thank you so much to them. We never do anything exciting on New Year's Eve, so it was fun to go out!!!

Back to Kansas City (1/2)

Back to MD (1/6)
I flew home with the boys... All by myself... A little bit different experience than the last time when Ben was 5 months old and our flight was only an hour! They truly did great! I know they are great kids, but someone was watching out for me, I know!

Katie started her new career (1/9)
Yep, I taught my first breastfeeding class. It went pretty well. I received good feedback despite being so nervous!!! By the way, I just got a second part time job! I'll be teaching a few more classes at another hospital and doing some in home lactation consulting! Yea! My first Baby Care Basics class is on Monday night. I should be preparing right now instead of working on this darn blog...

Stomach bug..(1/11)

Owen's first snow day (EVER!!!- 1/18)

That pretty much catches you up on what we've been doing from Nov 25 until today! I don't know if I'll try that blog every day in November thing again... It took me awhile to get back into it after that! Thank you so much to all of our friends and family for being such wonderful hosts and hostesses! We had a great time. Though, I must be honest and tell you I am personally hoping for a more calm holiday season in 2011! Ten days of traveling is a lot with Owen and Ben!