Thursday, February 10, 2011

Katie the Lactivist!

Check this out...
All I can say about the article is that they're lucky they didn't try this with me! I nursed Ben all over the Air and Space Museum when we went a few weeks ago and did not encounter a single problem.
I kind of want to go. Mike said that he and Owen are not interested in any way, so I can take Ben if I want! I'll let you know! Let me know if you would want to carpool :o)

PS- If you are interested in looking up the breastfeeding laws in your area, you can find them here...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I didn't really think about it, but because we now live in the eastern time zone, the Superbowl starts an hour later here (obviously!) Halftime was already after bedtime. Here is a picture of Lola and the boys enjoying the game...


Yeah, I know it was like, 2 weeks ago, and totally nothing compared to the snow that hit the Midwest, but here are some pictures of the boys enjoying the snow that gave them a legitimate snowday! It took Mike 4.5 hrs to drive home from work the afternoon it hit. It usually takes him 20 min. I was worried he'd run out of gas.

This was Ben's first time playing in the snow!

Overall, I think he liked it!

Owen was happy to show him the ropes!

My Snowboys

Warming up with some hot chocolate! You know it always takes me awhile to get the pictures uploaded :o) Thanks for your patience!