Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Already???

Hello all! Can't believe it is December already! I think November gets shorter every year!!! Though I worked last Wednesday and Thursday night, we had a great Thanksgiving dinner with the Lakofka's. It was our 6th annual Thanksgiving with them!!! Time sure flies! We didn't take any pictures, but it was very calm with just Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Frank, Paul, Leah, and us. Very nice and relaxing.

Because I worked over the holiday, I got to stay home last weekend, which I always think is a nice treat! We did some Christmas shopping, cleaning, decorating, and Mike and I even got to go on a real date!
Otherwise, we've been keeping busy. I've been working on my to do before baby comes list. There really isn't too much left and none of it is very important, but it makes me feel so good each time I get to cross something off! My Christmas shopping is done and everything is stacked in a big pile in the dining room. Hopefully I'll get inspired to wrap it soon so Mike can take it to the post office.
Looking back at our pictures from November, it doesn't look like we did too much. Owen had a couple of colds which was a bummer. We attended the briss of one of our friend's new baby. Owen wasn't too interested in what was going on, but he looked darn good...

Also, he's excitedly awaiting the arrival of snow!!! I have to say I've been very much enjoying the unseasonably warm 50 degree weather we were blessed with for most of November.

I've been knitting a ton for the holidays and all of the new babies around (not ours, of course) but can't share any pictures until after everyone opens their presents.
And Mike is starting up the new post-doc this week. Hopefully he will enjoy it and have lots of good results!


Julie said...

The only picture you posted of yourself has your belly hidden! What's up with that?!?

Grammy said...

What a handsome guy!