Friday, November 5, 2010

Silly Boys!

Last Thursday, Owen had a "Harvest" party at school. I really don't know why it isn't a Halloween party, but whatever. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. I eventually was able to wake him up enough to get him to walk into the house. He set down inside the entryway to take off his shoes and I put Ben in the high chair for lunch. When I came back about 1 minute later, this is what I found...

I tried to get him up but he slept there for about 15 minutes before I persuaded him to move to the couch!

Ben is a crusin' man!

Look how much of the bed I take up these days!

Enjoying the back patio

Chewing on some celery!

Owen had fire safety day at school. Please note his Jr. Firefighter badge!

For days he would only take that badge off at bedtime. Here he is napping on the couch... Ben is about to get his revenge for all of the times Owen has woken him up!

Bad Mommy! You're under arrest!

Still wearing the policeman get-up! Please note the white socks and Keen tennis shoes with shorts. Guess who picked out this ensemble??? Mike, of course!

Modeling some lovely new looks at Jo Ann Fabrics!

Neighborhood playground

I should have known this would happen! Ben and Lola's dream come true!

Baby in a basket!


Melanie said...

I am LOVING the month of November! These posts are GREAT! :o) I cannot believe how big the boys are!

Let us know if you ever want to make a trip to Penn State--we have a spare bedroom, a pullout couch, etc.

thewalshfam said...

Thanks, Mel! Maybe after the holidays?

Susan said...

Michael used to fall asleep like this, too. One time he fell asleep under the kitchen table with a hamburger bun in his the middle of the night!