Friday, November 19, 2010

11 Months (+ 3 days!!!)

Where has the time gone??? How did 2010 go so darn fast??? Ben, you need to stop growing up so darn quickly because I'm not quite sure how we got to this point :o)
Yes, Ben is 11 months (+ 3 days.) He is getting pretty wild and crazy! He has taken one or two steps a handful of times in the last week. He is probably the super fastest crawler you have ever seen (other moms say this about him wherever we go... he makes quite an impression! I think they are all thinking "that lady has her hands full!") He continues to be a fantastic eater, this week diving in to lasagna (as you saw) and beef stew. I must say his favorite foods are a tie between pizza and bananas. Also this week, Ben has slept well (from 10:30 until at least 6 4 nights!!!) He gives fantastic kisses. He can climb so well it's scary. Here is his list of words: mama, da, more, hi, good, and yeah. This week, Mike and I both swear we heard him say "I need my mama" when he was particularly mad about Mike changing his diaper. He claps, waves, and does hooray/ touchdown/ so big. He loves "If you're happy and you know it," pattycake, and peek-a-boo. He LOVES to dance (Lesley, by the way, we are still working on the safety dance. We didn't forget. I promise!) He loves his big brother, too. But he has started to show his displeasure with Owen at times by squealing an/or trying to wack him. Go, Ben! I have to say that I have a whole new respect for Em and all second born children. I am so sorry for being such a pain probably for your whole life. He can drink water from a sippy cup and, he has 8 teeth. I don't mean to brag, but he is a pretty great little guy! We love you so much little Benny! We can't wait to celebrate your big birthday soon! I'll try to get some videos ASAP!


Lesley said...

i can't wait to see the safety dance! ben and i can dance if we want to :)

Lesley said...
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