Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally, Fun with Cousin Olivia

Mike had to post last night. I was going to come down and do it around 10:30 and then Ben started crying so I had to feed him instead. I just knew I would not hop out of the rocker and come down to the basement to blog after 20 min of snuggling/ nursing in a dark room in a comfy rocker! Anyway, we had a fabulous weekend with Mike's Aunt and Uncle and cousin Olivia! Saturday morning, we met them at Montgomery Community College to see the musical "The Happy Elf." I think it was Owen's first live production (and Ben's, too.) Owen set great and was so engaged! It was really cute! The elves kept sitting on the table and he kept saying, "It is not a good idea to sit on the table," really loudly. Also, someone hit someone else in the show and he said, "It's not nice to hit." It is nice to know that the kid is listening (though he doesn't always follow his own advice!) Ben did pretty good, too. I was reluctant to bring him, but he spent a good deal of time watching. He also spent some time talking loudly and quite a lot of time nursing while doing gymnastics so he could still watch and then eating goldfish. All in all, I was amazed by how well the boys behaved! The kids got these really cute elf hats, too. Then we had a picnic outside because the weather was so lovely! Then, we went to the hotel and the boys and Olivia went swimming.

I didn't know what Ben would think, as he has been quite hot and cold on baths lately. He loved it, as did the big kids! Then we met everyone for pizza! What a day! Oh, when we got home we were greeted by a horrible smell! I finally found the culprit... a rotten sweet potato! It almost made me sick. Of course, Mike could "barely smell anything."
Sunday we had everyone over for brunch and then took Olivia to the "castle park" as we like to call it! What a great weekend!


Melanie said...


The smell of rotten potatoes IS terrible! I think it smells like death... We had a couple of potatoes rot over the summer, and I think I made Mike clean up most of it because I could not handle the smell!