Wednesday, November 3, 2010


FYI: Nablopomo = National Blog Posting Month
Remember, that is why I'm blogging everyday instead of my usual bimonthly post!

Yesterday we went to the library. I caught Ben crawling around on the floor eating something. It was a dead bug. I really didn't have that big of a freak out, either (on the outside.) I am a mother of two boys! Also, Ben climbed up a very wide step in the children's section to a low shelf that housed board books. He fell down ( as he is doing a lot these days... he's getting a little daring with the standing and not holding on if you ask me!) Big drama and crying. Of course bad mommy tells him it's okay and he'll be fine. Here is a picture of him this afternoon.

Poor shiner Ben.

Also, they are working on our sidewalk in front of the townhouse. We can't park in our spots for the next 3 days which is a little unfortunate, but, on the upside, we have a construction show going on right outside our front window!

Yesterday it was little mini diggers, a jackhammer, and a big dump truck.

Today... a cement mixer!!!!!
I can't wait to see what they bring tomorrow... If they don't show up, I think I'll have two sad boys!

As for a picture of the sweater I'm knitting... check back tomorrow. I already shared enough for today and I might not have anything to say then!