Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little getaway...

Sunday we went to Lake Geneva for a little family vacation. We celebrated Father's Day and our 4th wedding anniversary. We had such a great time! It was so nice to get away for a little bit.

We saw this turtle outside our hotel.

Owen is eating "Scooby Snacks." They are graham crackers shaped like dog bones. Mike thought it was really funny that I gave him the dog bone shaped crackers from a bowl on the floor.

These pictures were taken at "The Elegant Farmer" apple orchard and country store. They had these giant rocking horses, which Owen loved.

We bought some tomato and pepper plants, as well as some herbs. I'll keep you posted on how they're growing. We also bought some frozen pies and brats, as well as some other delicious treats like applesauce and summer sausage. This trip made us very excited to go apple picking at Apple Holler in the fall!

Here is a video of the boys swimming. Thank goodness the pool opened at 7 am. Owen didn't sleep very well at the hotel, so he and Mike were the first ones at the pool both mornings (my wonderful husband let me get a little extra sleep!) We also took him swimming right before bed in hopes he would sleep extra well. It helped him to get to sleep, but unfortunately didn't keep him asleep. I wish that pool would have been open at 3 am!

These pictures are from our outing to the playground behind our hotel. The weather was a little chilly for the beach, but perfect for the playground. We all had a lot of fun!

Playing by the lake on Tuesday. The weather was beautiful but a little cool when the sun went behind a cloud.

Owen, throwing his first penny in a fountain. I think he thought we were crazy when we told him to throw it in!

Owen loved the "hot dog man." We originally just wanted a photo, but he loved him so much, we decided that a hot dog by the beach would be a great lunch!

Another family took our picture. I'm not sure if Owen is fake coughing or blowing a kiss! We had such a great time in Lake Geneva. I think it is important to get away by ourselves each year, whether it is a huge fancy vacation (that is probably quite a few years off) or a little getaway! A very big thanks to my parents for the wonderful anniversary present!