Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sam's Graduation

Back to KC for Sam's graduation from Rockhurst High School. Many congrats to Sam for his 4.5 (that's right) GPA and wonderful attendance record!!! Also, congrats to Mom and Dad for getting their 4th and final child through high school! I'm sure it was a day filled with many emotions for them. Thankfully, they will be able to delay becoming empty-nesters, as Emily and Alex and their 2 dogs will be moving back in soon!

Sam's graduation is very nicely organized... the morning starts with baccalaureate, followed by a brunch, followed by the actual graduation ceremony. And, it's all in the same place. It makes for a long day, but it is nice because everyone is already there. Here he is receiving his diploma.

Also, the boys wear tuxedos. Doesn't Sam look handsome?! His entourage obviously thinks so!

We actually skipped out on baccalaureate because we thought we'd put Owen through enough ceremonies! We met up with everyone for brunch. Aunt Dee and Uncle Rick came, too. It was nice to catch up with them!

Owen did pretty well during graduation, but spent the majority of it out in the hall with Dad playing ball.