Thursday, July 3, 2008

Allergic to ???

Last Tuesday morning Owen broke out in ENORMOUS "blisters." Even though I'm a nurse, I didn't recognize them as hives, so of course I called the doctor in a little panic (which I really haven't ever done before.) They had us come right in. God bless Dr. Goldberg. He made me feel very validated. He said we needed to see an allergist right away and give benadryl every 6 hrs until the hives went away. Despite having benadryl around the clock for almost a week, he had hives until this Monday. We still don't know what caused it, which is a little scary. Here are some pictures of the hives after a couple of days of benadryl. The first day, they were bigger than my palm! I thought to myself that we need to take pictures. I guess I was just too stressed to follow through! They look much better in these pics! Fortunately, we have not had any more outbreaks. Unfortunately, we still don't know what caused them!