Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A little visit from the Schieber's...

Last Thursday Emily and my Mom came to Chicago. They decided that I was in need of a girl's night out, so we made sure Mike could be home to stay with Owen. We went out for sushi and martinis, followed by the Sex and the City movie. We had so much fun!!! The movie was perfect for a girl's night out. A little raunchy, but very fun!
Friday, we packed Owen up and drove out to our favorite outlet mall in Aroura. We found some good bargains. Mom got a cute top at Polo and some matching flip flops at j. crew. I found some shorts at the Gap outlet, and Em got a cute swimsuit and dress at Juicy. Of course Grammy found a few things Owen could not live without, too! After we left, we picked up Alex at the airport. By the time we got back to Evanston, my Dad was here. He drove up from Kansas City Friday morning with a very special delivery. His birthday gift to Owen was a handmade toybox, which he has been working on since March. It is big and beautiful and it couldn't have gotten here at a better time! The toys were truly starting to overtake our living room! Owen checked it out thoroughly and it apparently passed his inspection :o)

It will grow nicely with him, too. The top is an inlaid wood checkerboard.

Underneath it, there is a little drawer with a spot for each checker to fit in. It is really cool! Thank you so much, Grandpa!

Friday night, we ate at Nevin's and then took Owen to the park. He loved all of the attention! Saturday morning we met Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Frank, and my cousin Leah and her boyfriend Matt at the Printer's Row bookfair. It is always a good time. Owen went to his first concert, Justin Roberts.

I think he was a little young, but he enjoyed watching the band and all of the kids.

We browsed and found a few books. After the rainstorm, we met up with the Conklins at the Berghoff House. Then everyone came back to Evanston for some delicious triple chocolate (homemade) ice cream. Like we hadn't eaten enough already!
Everyone left pretty early on Sunday so Mike, Owen, and I cleaned the house and filled the toybox. The weather was crummy, so we had a pretty lazy day. We had lots of fun with our company. We just wish Sam would have joined us! Thanks so much for coming!