Friday, May 29, 2009

So much to do...

And so little time... When will life slow down??? I guess I hope it won't.... We have been busy, busy as usual. Trying to get the house ready to go on the market, Mike working on 2 papers, and Katie studying away for that darn lactation consultant test. Thank goodness we are going to Kansas City next week for a break (and a wedding!) It will be so nice to get out of our house and away from the endless list of "little projects" from our realtor.

Here are some pictures from a 1st Birthday Party Mike and Owen attended a couple of weeks ago for the son of one of Mike's friends from grad school. Mike and Owen both had a fun time.

I hope the beer was Mike's and not Owen's. I try not to ask too many questions about what goes on during the weekends while I am sleeping or at work...

Of course, a highlight of the party was finding the broom!

These pictures were taken last week at park on a random and wonderful, beautiful summery day. We are hoping for more of those soon! Owen asks to wear shorts everyday and he is often disappointed as we are still having lots of days in the 50's-60's around here.
Memorial Day weekend was so much fun! I went to a fetal monitoring class on Wednesday and Thursday that week, so I only had to work for 8 hours on Friday night. What a wonderful work week! Of course, Owen randomly spiked a fever of almost 103 on Wednesday night after having a fun and active day with our neighbors. I think it was due to his bottom molar coming in, but I guess we'll never know. Mike stayed home on Thursday and the boys had a fun day of bonding. It was great to get up Saturday afternoon, knowing I was done working for the whole long weekend. Saturday evening, we went to Church and out to dinner. The weather was beautiful, so we ate outside at a resturant near the Metra so Owen could watch the train go by. He loved it! Sunday morning, we got up and took the train to Em's neighborhood and went out to breakfast withe her, Jim, and a couple of her friends who were in town to visit. It was a fun time.
After breakfast, we went to Millenium Park and played by the Bean and in the grass! We had so much fun. Too bad it was a little too chilly to play in the fountain. I guess we'll have to go back soon!

Of course, the highlight of the trip for Owen is riding the L into the city and back!

We finally found some chairs for the little table. Owen likes sitting there to eat his breakfast!

Here are some pictures from Owen's music class, "Everybody Move." We just wrapped up our thirds session this week, and I do think he'll miss it! At the beginning of class, Owen sits next to the teacher and sings "Hello Everybody" very loudly. I'll try to get a video of him singing the song. I think it could be his favorite part of class.

Miss Celeste, the teacher, told all of the kids to dance with their Mommy. Of course Owen runs straight to her. Ouch!!! Just kidding. We went to the music classes in the fall, and he was so not into it. It is fun to see him so excited! We'll take a summer break from EM, but depending on our life plans for the fall, I think we'll sign up for a fourth session!

Last but not least, we went to celebrate our friend Donovan's 2nd birthday at the Choo Choo Resturant yesterday. Owen had to take his train whistle! He had a blast!


Lisa said...

we just put our house on the market...that list never seemed to end. but, we left for florida and had a nice time away. Enjoy KC!!!