Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Easier with 2?

I don't know... I watched Owen's buddy Andrew a couple of weeks ago while his parents moved into a new apartment one block over. It was a yucky, rainy day and I was a little nervous about what I would do to occupy 2 2 year-olds inside, all day. They had a blast and it was great!

Curled up on the couch with Lola, enjoying a little Sesame Street

Would you believe they sat up at the dining room table for over an hour doing art projects?! On a side note, "ColorWonder" fingerpaint might be the greatest invention ever!!! So much fun!

By lunchtime, they got a little silly :o)

Here they are in the "tent" we made under the kitchen table. This is one of Owen's new favorite games. The boys played very well together and really kept each other busy. I was able to do some cleaning and laundry and I even changed the sheets. I think we might have to start doing this on a regular basis...