Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun times

We haven't blogged for awhile... we've just been having too much fun, I guess! March kept us very busy, perhaps trying to beat the winter blues of chilly Chicago!

One morning, we met our friends, Katie, Abbie, and Izzy at the Children's Museum of Dupage county. The kids loved it, as always. Owen has so much fun with them! He asks for Abbie and "Zizzy" almost every day!

Here are some pics of the kids in the wind tunnel. What a great place for kids to run and yell! Doesn't Owen look like he's taking after his Dad in the goggles?!! A mad scientist in training!

On this particular evening, Owen was being extra snuggly with Lola and Daddy! And, I actually caught it on film! What a nice looking bunch!

Here we are at Wagner Farm in Glenview. It is owned by the park district and a fun, free thing to do. We saw ducks, geese, horses, and cows. Owen loved the tractor!

There are check some fun exhibits in the barn, too. Owen loved "milking the cow." Let's just say that it seemed very lifelike. Then, true to form, he found the dishpan and broom and cleaned up. He has radar to find those things everywhere we go! So funny!

Auntie Kathryn came into town for a conference. We don't have any pictures of her because she was quite the busy lady during her trip. Here are some nice pics of Owen and Lola snuggling in her blankets...
Here is a cute video of Owen, Mike and Kathryn singing a song for your listening delight...

After Kathryn left, my good friend, Laura, came to visit. We didn't do anything too exciting, but it was so fun to catch up! A highlight of her trip was a visit to Hyde Park and the Museum of Science and Industry.

I haven't been to the Museum of Science and Industry Museum since we went to see "Body Worlds" almost 4 years ago. I had forgotten about all of the cool airplanes and electric railroad sets they have. It was pretty much Owen's heaven!!! We'll have to check out the free day schedule and go back again!

Laura grew up in Paola, KS on a farm, complete with cows. Who knew she'd reconnect with her roots on a trip to Chicago! Thanks again to Laura for coming to visit :o) We can't wait for your wedding in June when we will finally make it out to Portland to visit you! Sorry there are so many pics of udders in this post!