Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Here are a couple of picture of our snuggle bunnies! Poor Lola has been wearing those ears for the last 4 Easters. This is just Owen's second Easter wearing his bunny ears, though it is his third Easter. Crazy, huh?! I can't believe he has been around for three of any holiday yet!

The Easter Bunny brought us lots of holiday company! We were lucky enough to have the whole Schieber clan :o)Owen, Grammy, and I had fun dying Easter eggs. It was the first time Owen was able to partake in the festivities. I think he enjoyed it :o)

Amazingly, he only cracked one egg!

Sunday morning, we went to St. A's for the egg hunt after 9:30 mass. The gang didn't really want to go to 9:30 mass, but we made the 10:30 egg hunt and stayed for 11:30 mass.

Owen had a bit of a rough time in Church, after all of the excitement and the waiting around. I guess it is to be expected, for a two year-old with his grandparents and uncles sitting behind him at lunch time on a holiday :o)
After Church, we picked up a smoked duck from Hecky's (Mike's Easter fantasy come true) to accompany our Honeybaked ham and other Easter fixin's. It was a fun day and a great weekend!