Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OK, here goes...

Mid- to late September blessed us with lots of company, as I mentioned before! Mike's mom came to Chicago for a girls weekend with her college friends and then spent a few days with us. It was great to have her. She watched Owen while I slept after working, got a haircut, and went for a date with Mike. She also took us shopping for some new clothes. The weather was cool and rainy, but we all still had a great time. She is coming back to Evanston to watch Owen (and Mike) while I go to Riviera Maya with my mom and Em in December! We're looking forward to it...I'm sure it will come around quickly!!!
Two weeks later, my mom came to visit. We enjoyed beautiful weather while she was here. We took advantage of it by doing lots of outdoor shopping in Evanston, at Old Orchard, and even going to Long Grove. We also spent lots of time playing outside. Of course, her trip went too fast! We had so much fun with our company! My mom is coming back the first week of November to watch Owen while I go to a breastfeeding conference (all week!) Both mom and Owen are looking forward to it! Mike and I are so lucky to have such wonderfully helpful families who love Owen so much!
Unfortunately, while the grandmas were here, I didn't really take any pictures. I know they both took lots, though. If they would email me some pics, I would love to post them on the blog!