Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Wildcats!

We took Owen to his second Northwestern football game a couple of weeks ago. We met the Lakofkas and the Conklins there. It was a surprisingly warm day. At halftime, we had to move to a more shady area because Owen overheated and got a little sick. He loved the game, though. He loved to cheer!

He loved dancing to the music and the band!

He loved playing in the kids area!

He loved riding on Mike's shoulders! He really loved the train ride to the game! We walk by the train so many times each day and he is always excited to see it go by. I think we might just start taking it for fun more often, though. He loved it so much!

FYI- I tried to add a good video of Owen dancing but I can't get it process right now. Check back later!