Friday, August 22, 2008

Ride 'em cowboy/ recent knitting projects

The other day, I dug the big plastic box containing my yarn stash out of Owen's closet. I like to dig through it every couple of months and Owen has had a great time sitting and climbing all over it. Here are some of the bigger projects I've knit since Owen was born. You may recognize some from other pictures...

This one is size 1-2 years. It looks pretty big. I'm hoping Owen will wear it for the holidays! I took a class in May/ June and wanted to make some projects with colorwork.

I also made this hat in the class. It didn't take too long to knit, but it took forever to sew all of the strings in. I don't want to make this hat anytime soon!

Made with leftovers in March for Owen to wear next year. Everyone was teasing me for making him a new hat in March. Unfortunately, got a good 2 months use out of it before it finally warmed up enough to pack away the winter clothes. I still want to make ties and a pouf before it gets cold again!

Easter sweater 2008

Easter sweater 2007

Owen's coming home from the hospital sweater. I knit this while I was pregnant, along with a girl sweater (because we didn't know if he was a boy or girl!)