Monday, August 18, 2008

Millenium Park

Friday Owen and I went with our neighbors, Andrew and Liane, down to Millenium Park. We had so much fun. First, we went to a concert by the Wiggleworms. There was a woman with a guitar who sang and danced. The boys liked it, but I think the big crowd made them a little nervous!

Owen liked it, but wanted to sit on my lap.

He wasn't too into dancing. He finally got up for the bubbles, though. They had a bubble machine. It was the best!!! I wish we could get one for our living room this winter :o)

Andrew enjoyed the bubbles, too!

We then played with books, bubbles, and blocks in the same pavillion.

It was so much fun! Who knew they had all of these free activities everyday.

Then we got some lunch and ate it in the grassy concert pavilion area. The symphony and opera were practicing because they were having a concert there that night. The boys loved the music and were dancing around in the grass. It was so funny!

Next, we headed over to the fountain for some more fun!!! I didn't think to bring more clothes for Owen to change into.

He started out in his shorts, but we quickly realized they would end up soaked. We ditched the shorts and he had a great time in his very soggy diaper!

The boys had a great time! On the way back to the car, they both pooped out!