Friday, August 22, 2008

First tantrum

Monday night, Owen threw his first tantrum. He didn't want to sit in his highchair. After we put him in, he screamed for 15 min. I took him out and he was much better and wanted to eat his dinner. We tried to put him back in the highchair and he wasn't having it. Arching, kicking, and the whole bit. He still wanted to eat his dinner though. I asked him if he wanted to sit up at the table and he said yes and tried to climb up into a chair. So, here he is, eating at the table like a big boy (he's sitting on a phone book!) We talked about ditching the highchair and getting a booster seat. The next morning at breakfast, we thought he'd have another fit about going into the highchair. He didn't bat an eye! He didn't even remember. Go figure!