Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Welcome to Omaha!!!

Welcome to Omaha!!!

Well, we knew it was a little risky to take a 9:25pm flight with a one year old. What we didn't even consider was what we would do if our flight was delayed... we ended up flying out of Chicago at 11:00!!! Amazingly, Owen was a trooper. He wanted to go to sleep so badly. Mike and I took turns walking him up and down the B terminal at Midway. He kept covering his ears when they had announcements over the loudspeaker. Eventually, he covered up his face and passed out. He slept until the plane landed in Omaha and the flight attendant started singing. By the time we got to Mike's parents, it was almost 2:00.

The next morning we got up and moving early to meet our friends Ang and Ignatius before they flew out of Omaha at noon. Ang is a friend of ours from college. She and her husband live in Ohio where he is doing his surgical residency. Ang and Iggy were back in Omaha to visit family. Iggy is 6 months older than Owen. He is such a cutie! He kept giving Owen hugs!!! Unfortunately we didn't get any on camera. It was so great to see them. Last time we saw Iggy he was about 9 months. He always gives us a little glimpse of what we have to look forward to with Owen. We were so happy our paths crossed (just barely!)

We went to Omaha to visit Mike's family, celebrate Easter and Owen's birthday, and so Mike could go to the opening round of the NCAA tournament with his dad. I don't think any of the games they saw were too exciting, but they had a fun time nonetheless. Father - Son bonding, you know?! I was hoping Mike would be sick of basketball on his day off but, let me assure you, he wasn't.

Friday afternoon, we used our children's museum membership to take Mimi and Auntie Liz to the Omaha Children's museum. As soon as we walked in, Owen spotted the Easter bunny. He was so excited!

Owen and Auntie Liz having fun with the bubble tubes

Owen and Daddy in their fireman hats

It was very cool but there wasn't a whole lot for babies. We still had lots of fun.

Saturday we got together with Mike's grandparents, aunt and cousins. It was great to see everyone. We went out to lunch and someone told our waitress that it was Owen's birthday. He got balloons and ice cream and had so much fun. Thank goodness they didn't sing. He gets kind of shy!

After lunch we got together with our friends the Jorgenson's. Jay lived on Mike's floor freshman year and Lisa was in my nursing class and we were RAs together. They live in Sioux Falls, SD. Their son, Jonah, is 19 months. He is so cute and quite the chatty little guy! Mike and I were so impressed with all of his words. It was so fun to hear his little voice :o) We have so much fun when we hang out with Jay and Lisa. We always wish we all lived in the same town so we could get together more often!

Like Iggy, Jonah is also very into giving hugs! So cute! My parents got into Omaha around 4:00 on Saturday afternoon. We were so excited to see them. It was great to get everyone together. Susan and I took Owen over to their hotel for a swim. Owen had so much fun. He loved the water. He's quite the little fishy.