Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend fun

On the my last work schedule, I was randomly blessed with 2 Saturdays off in a row!!! I did have to make up those days during the week which was a little challenging, but it is nice to have an occasional change of pace. Mike, Owen, and I had lots of fun! My first weekend off was he first nice weekend in Chicago this spring. We (along with most of the rest of Evanston) decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We had so much fun!

Owen loved watching the animals.

His favorites included the camels, monkeys, and the polar bear.

A couple of silly monkeys in the chimp house!

It was great to be together and outside :o)

Unfortunately, the second weekend was back to normal April weather, 40's and rainy. We (along with the rest of Evanston) decided to visit the Children's Museum.

Mike is teaching Owen the finer points of painting. Hopefully Owen will not pick up any of his Dad's painting "skills."

We just couldn't resist getting a picture of Owen in the little dog kennels.

He loved opening and closing the door. Open and close is still a favorite game.

We had fun, but it was really crowded. Owen was nearly run over several times.
My next weekend days off will be spent in Kansas City and St. Louis for the boys' graduations in mid May. We are looking forward to it!