Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kohl Children's Museum

Auntie Em was still in town and Owen and I had talked about it and decided we better make sure she had a REALLY good time so she would move back to Chicago ASAP. We thought it would be fun to take her the the Kohl Children's Museum. They have a special "Clifford" exhibit right now. I like Clifford. We had a few Clifford books when we were little. Now he has a TV show and the whole bit. If you aren't familiar with Clifford, he's a giant red dog. Here is a picture of Owen sliding down Clifford's tail...

And hanging out in Clifford's bowl.

Next we went to the music room. Owen loved it! He and I spent a few minutes banging on this xylophone made out of wrenches.

He really got his groove on, as you can see. When he pushed a button, different types of music played in his headphones. You should have seen him shaking his bootie!

Next, we went into a little room with all types of musical instruments. Owen loved the bongo drums and the cymbals.

I think Auntie Em was getting into it, too!

After the music room, we made our way to the water room, which was so cool! That place really makes you wish you were a little kid again! One of the other Moms showed us how to rig one of the smocks up to fit Owen. Didn't he look funny! Overall, it did the trick!

Even though he was too young to really play, he loved watching the water spray in every direction. He also loved reaching his hands in and splashing. Usually I spoil all of his fun at home when he tries to stick his hands in Lola's water bowl to splash!

The museum was so much fun. We were there for about 2 hours and we didn't even make it halfway through, so we decided to buy a membership. It will be a fun indoor activity for the next year. With the membership we purchased, you can go to any children's museum in the country. There is one in Omaha and two in Kansas City, so I'm sure we'll make good use of this privilege. We hope Auntie Em had as much fun as we did!