Sunday, November 27, 2011

Historical Sightseeing

This Fall, we have been blessed with truly beautiful weather!!! Last weekend we took advantage of it by driving to Virginia to visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. I had been there when I was little and always remembered how beautiful it was. I love visiting all of those colonial homes. They are all so well preserved and it is so interesting to think about how people did things way back when. Mt. Vernon is basically like a huge park. 

We all had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather and learning a bit of history. You could walk all day, I you wanted to! We took a tour of the mansion and then took a self-guided walking your of the grounds. They even had a little scavenger hunt- adventure map which Owen had a great time filling out as we went along. I wish we had better pictures to share but the camera battery was dead. This was on the back patio of the mansion.

I wish you could see the beautiful view of the Potomac River a bit better, but it is behind the boys if you look carefully!  

We also happened to be there on the day they were constructing a gingerbread replica of Mt. Vernon. We wrapped up the afternoon with a late lunch in the colonial restaurant. If you visit the area, I would highly recommend seeing Mt. Vernon. We got a lot fresh air, exercise, and I think everyone enjoyed the history, too!