Saturday, October 30, 2010

Owen's first field trip!

Tuesday was Owen's first field trip! We went to a pumpkin farm/ apple orchard in Poolesville with his class. It is funny that they call it a field trip, considering that each child had to be accompanied by an adult and we all met at the farm. Oh, well! I guess that is how things work with 3 year-olds! And, I was more than happy to go (more like overjoyed!) I have been waiting to see O in action with his school friends and teachers. Best of all, we got to bring Ben, too!

Climbing the hay bales

In the barn

Feeding the goats

Stinky sheep!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch
Searching for that special pumpkin

Found it!
Ben doesn't know what to think about that pumpkin!

Hayride back to the farm.

Owen actually took this picture of Ben and I

A nice mom took these pics of the boys and I... I wish it was easier to get a good picture of 2 little boys!
Owen doesn't quite get how these things work. We need to keep practicing, I guess! We bought some apple cider and the most delicious fuji apples ever! I think we'll have to take an apple picking trip to Homestead farm next fall.


Katie said...

love it!! Looks like you guys had so much great that you could bring Ben too, much simpler that way and then you get to participate! good stuff...