Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Acclimated

Columbus Day Weekend
On Thursday morning before Columbus day, I was driving Owen to preschool and listening to NPR. They mentioned it was a holiday weekend and it dawned on me that Mike might have Monday off. Indeed he did! Gotta love working for the government and getting all of those silly holidays off! Here are a couple of fun adventures we'd like to share with you...
Saturday morning we got up, drove to the Shady Grove metro station, and took the train into Washington, DC! Owen told us his favorite part of the day was the train ride. We weren't very surprised!!!

Ben liked it, too!

Smithsonian Sculpture Garden

The Capitol

Another one of Owen's favorite attractions on the National Mall... he was being "shy"

The Washington Monument

We also met our friend Sarah from college for lunch. She lives in Dupont Circle, so we walked her back to her neighborhood, played in the fountain for awhile, and then took the train back to the park 'n ride. It was a long but fun day! I didn't get any pictures of the boys with Sarah, unfortunately, but here is a picture of Owen enjoying his strawberry milkshake!

Sunday, after Mass, we went to have brunch and walked around this outdoor shopping/ restaurant area. The weather was beautiful and the boys looked pretty cute if I do say so!

Monday, we met my cousin Sean, his wife Jess and their two kids at Butler's Orchard which is a pumpkin patch less than 10 minutes away from our house! Unfortunately, no apples to pick, but we had a fantastic time (minus the dead stink bug in my bbq beef sandwich! I wish I had a picture of that! I was too grossed out to think of it, I guess!)

The Great Pumkin Slide!!! I got to ride with Owen because Mike had just gotten Ben into the carrier! It was so much fun! Usually I don't get to do this kind of stuff because I have Ben. It was a fun change of pace. This was Owen's favorite!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch... I think this was Ben's favorite part of the day!

The perfect pumpkin!

Owen and his cousin, Corinna! She is just a couple of months younger than Owen. They are just about the same height and they wear the same size shoes!
Who knew Bob the Builder and Scoop would be at the pumpkin patch?!

Racing ducks with Dad

Combine slide! Two thumbs up from Owen!

And they had a petting zoo, too! Like we really needed to get dirtier!

What a great weekend! It was so hot at the pumpkin patch! Instead of hot cider, they had cider slushies! I guess that is something we'll have to get used to in our new home!!!