Friday, June 25, 2010

Good friends...

When Owen was a baby, we had been wondering if there was another baby in our building. Sometimes when we would go throw things out in the dumpster, we would see boxes from a bouncer seat or diapers that weren't ours. Occasionally, on nice days, we could hear a baby crying while out in the courtyard when Owen was with us and happy. One day, when I was outside with Owen, a man came up to me in the courtyard and introduced himself and said he and his wife had a baby, too, and that we needed to meet. Well, one day when Owen was about 6 months old, we went outside for a walk and finally bumped into them. There was a woman and her little boy playing on a blanket right outside of our building. Liane was the mom and Andrew was the little boy. He was one month older than Owen and they lived across the courtyard. Liane and I quickly became friends. It was so handy to have someone to call up and plan a play date or walk "in 5 minutes." As a mom, it is so important to have other mom friends!!! And, as a bonus, our husbands get along well, too. The rest is pretty much history! Here we 2 and a half years later... Owen and Andrew are best buddies. They're so close that they sometimes act more like brothers than friends! Well, on Friday they moved to North Carolina. Mr. Kevin (as Owen calls him) got a great job. We wish them the best of luck and are missing them so much already (though I told Liane the other day that it just feels like they are on vacation!) We know they will do great and make lots of new friends, but we just wish they were moving to DC instead!!! When we move, we'll only live about 5 hrs apart, so we are planning a reunion in October. Last week, to prepare for the move, we did something fun everyday. Here are the highlights...

Monday: Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines

Tuesday: Greenwood Beach

I guess I only got pictures of the babies because the big kids were just moving too fast!

Wednesday: Eva and Colin's Basement

Thursday: am: Devonshire pool and playground

pm: Metra ride, followed by dinner at Nevin's and one last walk :o(


Katie said... hard! at least you will be only five hours apart - that is a weekend trip!! You will make many fun family memories that way too! and hey - there is nothing like a weekend-long sleepover with buddies!