Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun times in Kansas... Part II

Our trip to Kansas City coincided with Mike's cousin Nolan's 8th grade graduation. Mike's Grandparents were in town for the festivities, so they finally got to meet Ben!!! When we went to Omaha in Jan, they were snowed in at their farm in Iowa, so we never see them. I don't think they had any problems bonding with their 5 month old great grandson! Owen was excited to see them, too.

Owen was excited to see them, too. Nana always has some clothes for the boys and, of course, fruit snacks for Owen. She is the "fruit snack lady." She amazingly always knows when we are out and sends a new box! It really is crazy. I think she has fruit snack radar! It was so fun to see Pa and Nana. We just wish it could have been a longer visit. We look forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks for Mike's graduation!

And this cute little guy is Mitchell, Mike's youngest cousin. He's about 10 weeks younger than Ben. They obviously hit it off, as they are holding hands!!! Owen and Ben are happy to have a new little cousin to play with :o)

We also got to spend a day in Lawrence with our friends Steph, Jason, and baby Penny. If you remember, Penny is 3 days older than Ben. We are hoping for a future love connection! Do you think it might be a sign that they were dressed in coordinating outfits???

We did A LOT of playing outside! My parents have a great backyard with a swing set and a really nice patio. I think if I had a backyard like that, I would never come back inside!

Chillin' with Grammy

Ben and his Godfather

Uncle Alex

Uncle Sam

Part I of our Kansas adventures took place before I got my new camera. Hopefully my mom will email me the pics I took with her camera so I can post some more soon! We did lots of fun things on the first half of the trip, too!