Sunday, February 21, 2010

"We are adventurers!"

Sometimes Owen proclaims this when we are playing! I always think it's kind of funny! Here are some pictures of our winter adventures around Chicago... When I take out our new (well, actually gently used) double stroller in the snow, I feel like quite the adventurer! It handles wonderfully, even in 5-6 inches, for the record.

Here are Owen, Eliza, and Andrew taking advantage of free day at the Field Museum. I didn't take too many pictures but the kids had a great time. They especially enjoyed the dinosaurs and the play area in the basement. If you get there early enough, you can get metered parking spots about a 3 min walk from the museum that cost $1/hr. A wonderful and cheap way to spend the day!!!

We also went to free day at the Museum of Science and Industry. Another very fun day! Parking costs$16, but it is easy and close to the museum entrance. Owen loved the tractor and combine. Just like Pa's!

Baby chicks

They have an awesome, huge model train which the kids loved!!!

Owen and Eliza, flying to Grandma's house!

Owen the construction man...

Another "adventure" in the city... afternoon tea at the Peninsula! Apparently that is where all of the celebrities stay when they visit Chicago. So fancy and fun! We went in honor of my friend Liane's baby to be! Amazingly, we found street parking across the street from the hotel on a Saturday afternoon! The food was delicious and amazingly, we all went home stuffed and didn't even eat dinner. I guess we got our money's worth!