Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another little Catholic

Ben was baptized today and Fr. Tom said that he is now a "Child of God." Here are some pictures of Ben's big day...

Ben, modeling his Baptism outfit... A hand-me-down from Owen, but winterized with a new sweater I whipped up just for Ben :o)

Here Ben is with his Godparents... His Uncle Alex and cousin Rachel Conklin

Ben, enjoying a pre-baptismal snack. Don't you love my "fancy" hooter hider?!

Ben and I with Grammy and Auntie Emmy

Owen looking stylin' as always!!!

Ben, Mike, and Mimi

Owen joined us on the alter. When Fr. Tom asked what our baby's name was, Mike told him Benjamin James and Owen said "No, it's Benjamin Button." He really thinks that is Ben's name! He didn't say it too loud!

Being anointed with oil... great for baby dandruff!

The Walsh Gang (Owen is modeling the new rosary Fr. Tom gave him)

The Lakofka and Conklin Clan

The Schieber Fam (minus Sam who is in Spain)

Owen was about done by this time! The Baptism was right in the middle of naptime!

Thanks for everyone for coming into town and to Ben's Baptism and the celebration! We are so lucky to have such wonder families who would travel to Chicago in February!


Jonathan and Vicky said...

It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! The sweater turned out great! Can't wait to see you Katie!