Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Christmas!!! It's Christmas!!!

It's Christmas, it's Christmas!!! Owen woke up a little early on Christmas morning, so wonderful Mike took him down to check out the "haul" while I got a little extra sleep. We had such a great time with my family. Santa was very generous. Here are some highlights...

Mike got a nice leather briefcase/ messenger bag so he could "feel like more of an adult at work."

Al got Uggs slippers.

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself...

Santa has very nice taste. Can I borrow that, Mom?!

And Owen got way too many presents!!! He had so much fun!

After we opened presents with the Schieber family, we packed up to head to Iowa. Owen pretty much crashed in the car after all of the morning's excitement. We made it safe and sound for Christmas: Part II

Owen was so excited that he had more presents to open, he decided to lose the pants...

No one really seemed to mind (thank goodness!)

I guess they are all use to our silliness by now! After opening presents and enjoying some delicious food, we spent a relaxing night at Pa and Nana's. It was so great to see everyone and to just relax! Owen had a great time playing with everyone. I'm sure he is going to be so bored with just his Mom to entertain him, once we get home. At least we have new toys!!!