Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent with the Schieber family. We had a delicious Jambalaya dinner prepared by my dad, accompanied by Mike's famous 7 layer Jello. After dinner, we opened a few presents and went to Midnight Mass (at 9:30.)

We received some very nice gifts.

I I think Owen liked the bows best!!!

Mass was very nice and Owen did surprisingly well. He needed a diaper change and got changed into his jammies about halfway through. After that, he pretty much passed out! We think he was on extra good behavior because he knew Santa was coming! I forgot to tell you that Owen started waving and clapping about a week or so before Christmas. We were so excited about his new "tricks." The only problem is that he is so proud of himself, he likes to show off his new skills whenever anyone tries to take his picture. We have so many Christmas pictures of Owen waving!