Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Owen had a very fun Halloween! He took advantage of several opportunities to wear his monkey costume. He wore it to our church's playgroup last Tuesday and all of the other kids loved it! Dominico is Owen's little buddy. He was born on Valentine's Day, so they are just one month a part. It is fun to watch Dominico to see what Owen will be doing next! After playgroup, we went to visit Mike and his friends at school. They loved seeing Owen all dressed up in his costume :o) I loved watching Mike show Owen off!

On Halloween, we got together with a couple of my work friends and their families. It was so nice to get everyone together. We realized that the last time we all got together with our husbands, was over 2 years ago! Time flies! The kids looked so cute and had a good time "playing" together. We had so much fun, we decided we have to make a better effort to get together more often.