Monday, October 29, 2007

As promised...

Here are a couple of pictures from the baby shower. We didn't get any at the party. I guess we were just too busy taking everything in. This was one birthday/ Halloween party that would have made Martha herself jealous! Beautiful decorations, a huge fancy cake, treat bags, popcorn balls, fancy food, booze, and kids treats, too. We were handed a jack 'o lantern bib for Owen when we walked in the door! It was a really classy affair! I hope this party didn't set Owen's expectations too high for his first birthday party. We were just thinking cake and grandparents!
I guess we'll just have to wait and see :o)

The "Breakfast Club" Maria, April and Donovan, Katie and Izzy, Julie and baby girl (to be) and Katie and Owen.

6 of the Labor and Deliveries born this year: Evan (2 months), Matteo (3 months), Hannah (5 1/2 months), Owen (7 1/2 months), Izzy (2 months), and Donovan (5 months).

*Special thanks to Julie Sipe. I stole these pictures off of her blog. Hope you don't mind :o) *