Sunday, March 18, 2012

Somebody is 5!

I know!  How did this happen???  I keep telling him that he needs to slow down and stop growing, but does he listen???  Clearly he does not!

Enjoying some early morning gift birthday gifts!  

He wanted a police themed birthday...

This one has been quite a hit with the boys!  Thanks Emmy and Jimbo!

Celebration popsicles- they can either taken fruit or popsicles for snack at preschool on their birthday.  Owen picked "Super Hero Popsicles"  Big surprise!  

Amazingly, there were enough leftover to share with Ben!

For dinner, Owen requested a visit to Red Robin with Mimi and Grandpa Jimmy.  We hadn't been there since Owen's birthday last year.  Clearly he remembered the birthday hot fudge sundae!  

Not to worry... Ben got one, too!  Which, by the way, he insisted sharing with "Baby Sister"  by feeding Mommy some spoonful!  I did not complain!

I think he liked it :o)