Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Copied this idea from Pinterest...Have a SUPER Valentine's Day!!!
Don't be fooled... His heart belongs to his Mom :o)

Enjoying a Valentine Owen made just for him!
I used the new sewing machine to make the boys some pj pants for their Valentine gift.  They were a big hit!  Owen's have rescue vehicles and Ben's have dinosaurs.  I hit JoAnn's during a sale on flannel, so I bought enough material to make some cozy pjs for next winter, too (with tops next time... we'll see how that goes!)  The sewing machine was great worked great!  It was so fun to make something for such an appreciative group.  What should I make next???  Any suggestions???
I even made a pair for Mike, too!  Hope everybody had a Happy Valentine's  Day!