Friday, January 21, 2011


Mike was off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day, so we decided to take the train into Washington to see some "airplanes and astronauts."

There was lots of Metro construction so it took us about an hour and 15 min to get down to Metro Center. Let me assure you, Ben was not looking this happy by the end ;o)

Owen, on the other hand loves the train ride best of all so he didn't mind a bit. Notice his new hat... we lost his dino hat at the Creighton Game in Omaha, so I had to knit something new. This hat is much less fun, but it does the trick! I must admit, knitting cables is much more fun for me than knitting all of those dinosaur spikes!

By the time we got downtown, it was almost lunch time so we stopped at the Capitol City Brewing Company. Yummy!

Finally at the museum... notice it wasn't crowded at all!!!

Pilot O

Patient Ben, with the rockets

Ben, getting less patient! He wanted to check out the telescope, too.

Owen and Mike getting ready to board the "rocketship"

Tired man! He's getting a little tall for the stroller! Don't worry... we hooked him in this time :o)
When is the next federal holiday??? President's Day is in February, right?! We need to plan another fun adventure! I'm thinking about the natural history museum or maybe we'll venture to Baltimore... Stay tuned!


Jonathan and Vicky said...

Loving to see the boys!!! I CAN"T wait till Sept! WHOOO!!

Lisa said...

I was a nanny in Baltimore. They have a great aquarium.

Melanie said...

Hey! I am going to be at NIST for some SANS time in a couple of weeks! It would be great if we could meet for dinner or something!