Thursday, January 28, 2010

6 weeks old

Well, we finally took Ben to the doctor for his one month check up (our doctor is pretty laid back!) And..... drum roll please....
He weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 10.5 oz and measured 22.25 inches long. They did not tell me his percentiles, but gaining 3 lbs in 6 weeks must be pretty good, right?!

Also, last night, I finally sucked it up and started pumping. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Owen was quite intrigued by the breast pump. Here he is, "getting out some milk for baby Ben." He was so serious about it!

He was genuinely disappointed none of his milk came out!!!

I pumped 6 oz and Ben slurped it right down for Mike.

What a relief! Also, I think it was a good bonding moment for Mike and Ben. Ben had been giving Mike what Mike described as the "stink eye" for the last few days, as Mike mostly changes diapers (which is one of Ben's least favorite things to have done.
Now that Ben knows Mike can give him milk, too, the looks have been a little nicer :o)

I don't know if I ever had time to post this, but here are a couple of funny things he said in the first couple of days after we brought Ben home...
To Auntie Em (and lifting up his shirt) " You want to bite on me and drink some milk?"
In the morning after he woke up, "Mama, did you put some more milk in there for Ben this morning?"
Also, he is occasionally known to give Kevin (his doll) some milk from his "belly" (apparently that is where he thinks milk comes from and I'm not about to correct him...) and pretend to nurse him.
FYI- this is all perfectly normal. He is just mimicking what he sees me do so many times a day!


Lisa said...

he is quite beautiful and such a good eater! Nice work Katie!